About the Livestock Exporters Association

About LEA

Founded in 1983, the Livestock Exporters Association of the USA (LEA) has been representing the livestock industry of the United States as a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. Our members across the U.S. have exported animals from nearly every state to scores of countries around the world. The United States is recognized around the world for the ability to produce high volumes of high-quality beef, dairy, swine, sheep, goats, horses and other livestock. Their high-quality genetics are available to the entire world through LEA members and our partners. If you are looking for proven pure-bred genetics or capable commercial animals, then the Livestock Exporters Association of the USA is the right source for you.

LEA leadership find themselves being asked to serve as trade advisory members to the U.S. Trade Representative and USDA on a regular basis. Our Annual Meeting includes a half-day briefing with APHIS/NIES personnel on the status of livestock exports around the world, export protocol negotiations, and other issues that affect our members. If you would like to join LEA, please follow the link below!

How do we help you as an Importer

If you are planning an export shipment there are  a number of things to include in your project planning:

Farm Price
Inland Freight Expense
Assembly, Quarantine, Health Tests, Documentation
Freight – Ocean/Air

These factors will help you determine the actual Customer Price (CIF).

LEA members are committed to making sure the process you go through meets the most stringent standards and have developed a Code of Practices that all exports should adhere to, which are:

...The Clients of our Members

  • Provide customers with sources for livestock of the highest quality meeting required health standards
  • Promote a Code of Fair Practices for international marketing of live animals outlining responsibilities of buyers and sellers
  • Assist with export financing by advising qualified customers or financial assistance available through various government programs
  • Advise customers and members on insurance alternatives and shipping options
  • Assist with order processing for faster, more efficient service
  • Promote post-sale communication to insure satisfied buyers and future sales

...Our Members

  • We cooperate with APHIS/VS in developing import/export health and sanitary agreements with foreign countries; participate in import/export type seminars; provide industry input into resolving off-loading, quarantine and transit problems as the need arises, and other activities as agreed upon
  • Provide a forum to foster greater cooperation among competing firms when the common interest of all might be benefited
  • Foster the growth of technology in our business by providing a forum for the exchange of new information
  • Keep our members informed of items of mutual interest
  • Eliminate unnecessary time, effort, and expense in making our products more competitive on the world market